Re-elect Marvin D. Wagner Charleston City Council District 5

Serving The Community

City Councilman Marvin Wagner, District 5 has been a member of council for 8 years and part of this community for 58 years. He has  worked tirelessly with the community to make it a better place for all.  He is a man of integrity, a business leader and an experienced problem solver with  credibility who fights for his constituency and the City of Charleston. 

United By A Common Goal

Marvin knows the value of being connected and having longevity in his district.  Marvin has watched hundreds of acres of cabbage fields disappear in West Ashley and be replaced with asphalt and buildings.  He will not give up on the fight to keep the characteristics of rural Johns Island.  You have elected him to be your voice on City Council for the last 8 years. Marvin will continue to address flooding, affordable housing and infrastructure issues through "smart growth". Help him continue helping you. Let's finish this job together. VOTE Wagner November 5th.

Get Involved

Vote to re-elect Marvin to Charleston City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 2019. Placing signage of support, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. 


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