It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your City Council Member for the past 8 years. You have chosen me to be your collective "Voice" for our district. District 5 has grown immensely in the past 8 years. It encompasses almost 80% or about 90 sq. mi. of the entire square mileage of Charleston. We are now approaching 20,000 residents in the district and will clearly be split up with the next census in 2020 and re-districting in the next 2 years. I will need your vote on Nov. 5th to "Finish the job" we have started together. District 5 remains "The last frontier ".  The phrase "Infrastructure first" when dealing with growth and new development is the rallying cry.  We cannot continue to over burden a full infrastructure.  Another way of saying the same thing is " If you build it, they will come--they just can't leave".  I have used the words "Smart growth" since the first campaign interview by the Post and Courier some 8 years ago. We cannot, however, lose sight of the fact that property owners have rights. These rights are not and should not be negotiable. The governmental entity (city or county) does have a say as to property usage during annexation and zoning discussions.  Governmental entities cannot arbitrarily change the rules. 

I 526 was a major issue in the 2012 and 2016 elections. I have been a proponent of the completion of I 526. Specifically, due to the traffic aspects and getting 2 additional means of ingress and egress to the island.  Johns Island and Outer West Ashley are directly involved with about 90% of the proposed route going through District 5. Every person in this district will be affected in some way by the outcome of the court's decision. The decision on I 526 is again being challenged in the courts. Only the courts can change the current outcome based on the legal arguments. We need  to simply continue to work together for the betterment of Johns Island and both connecting roads/bridges West of the Ashley leading to the  Island. 

We have flooding and major Infrastructure challenges that must be fixed. Please continue to work with me. Together we will continue to get things like traffic, smart lights, the Hwy 17 fly over and connectivity fixed. 

This Council race is about growth, livability, transportation, safety, flooding and the future of this city. Specific neighborhood  issues like speed humps, and stop signs are imperative in our individual neighborhoods for the protection of our children. This is about us, continuing to work together, as a community and a city to move forward for the good of all.  

To all who reads this, I ask that you look at the photo gallery. In it, I am trying, through a few pictures, to let you get to know me. the person. Thanks for looking at this page. 

I hope that you will vote on Nov. 5 and humbly ask for your vote for me to continue working with you, together to make District 5 and Charleston an even greater place to work and live.

So far, with your help, I feel that I have been able to accomplish two major objectives: I have always  "Been your voice"; and "Done the right thing for the District and the City of Charleston." We already have and will continue to leave the city in a better place than when we got here and leave a greater city for our grandchildren and future generations to enjoy. 

By the way, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call/text at 843 729-6372. I will respond as quick as I can. City e-mail is


November 5, 2019